County Elections

Follow this link to see all the county candidates who agree with our commitments. Now that the elections are over, we intend to hold councillors to their commitments, and persuade the county council to declare a climate emergency and act now on the climate and ecological emergency:

The election on 6th May was an opportunity to elect County Councillors who are motivated and committed to taking action on the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE). We wanted to provide Worcestershire residents with information relevant to each of their candidates. And to remind prospective candidates that these are key election issues and people do support further action on the CEE agenda.


Should you be elected, would you advocate and support the following commitments, to :          

1. Declare a climate and ecological emergency and an action plan which will significantly reduce net carbon emissions across the County by 2030.    

2. Raise awareness of the climate and ecological emergency with the residents and businesses of Worcestershire and take a strong and decisive lead in addressing these challenges.     

3. Commit more support for the development and use of renewable energy by the Council, delivered at a faster rate and promote this use of greener energy amongst Worcestershire homes and businesses.  

4. Take positive actions to develop safe cycling networks and improve and subsidise public transport, to provide alternatives to ever increasing car journeys.

5. Seek to improve air quality, through reducing emissions and prioritising low carbon travel over road building; thus promoting better public health for all. 

6. Consult experts and residents through the development of citizens assemblies, as a means to support a just and fair transition to a greener Worcestershire.           

7. Initiate bold and innovative steps to prevent the flooding, which is now resulting from climate change, including upstream natural river management.  

8. Restore and develop biodiversity throughout the county including the rewilding of unused land.

Check your ward

You can check which ward you are in via the County Council website. If you go to this page and type in your postcode, press Go or hit Enter, then when the map has found your location, click the map near your location and a box will appear with your ward and current councillor(s).

Find your candidates
You can find the final list of candidates standing in your area here.